KLANG MUSIC CENTRE (or KMC) was the FIRST to set up a Music Centre in Klang in 1980. It was then known as Pusat Muzik Kelang.

KMC was appointed as Malaysia’s FIRST TECHNICS ORGAN DEALER by Matsushita Sales and Services (Japan) in 1985. KMC is now the Official Dealer for Roland, BOSS, Casio and Yamaha (Combo) Musical Instruments. Among the many Awards & Recognition is the satisfaction of having its Music Courses & Programmes being well known & recognized by Top Rated Names in the Music Industry. KMC has Won Dedication Awards for Excellence & Best Achievement from Roland and Casio.

It is now a One-Stop Centre for Music Courses, Musical Instruments and Countless Music Related Products and Services.

Our Mission

“Safeguard our reputation as a pioneer in music, by delivering constantly upgraded standards, services and products, that nurture and satisfy music enthusiasts and maintain KMC as the preferred and most sought after choice for all those who seek that ‘extra’ & better overall deal in music in a fun, effective way!”

Why KMC Offers You MORE...

• We are Pioneers

KLANG MUSIC CENTRE (or KMC) was the FIRST to set up a Music Centre in Klang in 1980. As the pioneer, KMC had to set a standard that became the benchmark for the industry. Only the very best of Qualified, Friendly, Effective Music Teachers were handpicked to form the Team. Most of whom remain on board, and are still the most sough-after Instructors – a reflection of their Passion & Extraordinary Skills in Effectively grooming present & future generations…

• Safeguarding A Reputation

Since 1986, thousands of Music Graduates will vouch for KMC, as the cradle & stepping stone for unravelling and honing their hidden talents for music. Many well known celebrities today, have their roots in KMC. Those who became a major success, will attribute their achievements to KMC’s influence in their career. That Reputation to create Music Maestros & Talented Legends continues…

• Personalized Professionalism With Fun Learning

Teaching Music is a very specialized skill with extraordinary challenges. It goes beyond music. It surpasses talent. It unearths abilities, that may even be unknown to the person concerned. It takes Instructors with an exceptional knack, heart & soul, to connect with the inner being of individuals and bring to the surface, a passion & drive to master music and express it in ways that touch & transform and leave lasting impressions on listeners, thereafter! To do it in a fun, passionate, engaging and exciting way, is what KMC does best!

• Award-Winning & Recognized

KMC, formerly known as Pusat Music Klang, was appointed as MALAYSIA’s FIRST Technics Organ Dealer by Matsushita as Sales and Services (Japan) in 1985. Among the many Awards & Recognition is the satisfaction of having its Music Courses & Programmes being well known & recognized by Top-Rated Names in the Music Industry. These include Technics, Roland & Casio. KMC has won Dedication Awards for Excellence & Best Achievement from Roland. Casio has Recognized KMC as among its Top 30 Dealers and Technics Music School has Authorized KMC to Conduct Technics Music Courses & Be Its Official Organ Dealer.

• Stress-Free, Result-Oriented Nurturing

The initial “Baby Steps” in Music Development vary from individual to individual. Some have an innate natural talent & feel for music. There are many, who do not. Bringing out that hidden or non-existent talent can be an adventure or nightmare for the Music Teacher. At KMC, it is still done, with a smile & passion, dedication and confidence, that many an ordinary music student, left KMC as Extraordinary & Outstanding Music Graduates!

• Holistic Music Environment, That Keeps Getting Better…

KMC has become a One-Stop Centre for more than just Music. Besides the Music Courses & Programmes, it also markets Musical Instruments and countless Music-Related Products and Services. There are regular Ongoing Events such as Concerts & Talent Showcases, Competitions & Workshops etc. to create platforms for the future Music Wizards & Living Legends to give Previews of their Hidden Talents & Entertaining Prowess.

Our Founder



Continuing A Living Legacy

The seed to start KMC began in the 1940s. After observing budding Musicians on stage and at Concert Halls, KMC’s Founder, Mr. John Chai, who was blessed with a “perfect pitch” was spotted & groomed by a professional Musician & Priest. Young John Chai, graduated from a Home Pianist to Church Organist at age 8 and learnt to read notes and understand music scores. His enthusiasm and drive to master music led him to “get acquainted with people from the music industry” and the deep desire to nurture others with similar innate talents, led to the setting up of a Music School, thanks to the enthusiastic support from his beloved wife, Theresa Loo.

Today, Mr. John Chai’s loved ones, most of whom are Qualified Professionals in Music Related Fields, continue his legacy, maintaining and raising the high standards he set to New Heights Of Excellence…

Our Teachers


Music Nurturing, At Its Best!

Since 1980, KMC has been nurturing music enthusiasts from toddlers to adults. The excellent response, forced KMC to expand and open New Branches in other parts of Klang and Subang Jaya.

Individual Ability-based Learning Techniques, are another unique mode of Teaching that KMC has mastered. Hence, KMC has its our Own, Proven Mode of Teaching, Tradition & Technique, that are consistent at all KMC Branches. Yet ample room for Flexibility, Creativity and Free Flow of Inner Expressions, Emotions and Unearthed Talent are left always open for each individual to Explore, Discover and Surprise! Its experienced and highly qualified Teachers are passionate experts who tirelessly guide, prompt, and help each and every music enthusiast take that next step naturally, according to the potential they exude. Learning is made fun, interesting & enjoyable, without compromising on the inner discipline and focus needed to have strong foundations to take quantum leaps.

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