Assessment Lessons

This Interchange between teachers and students is conducted once every 6 months. It covers all the relevant Sections : technique, learning attitude, class response, musical talent, progress speed & theoretical knowledge. The Feedback and comments from all related Teachers, help students assess their Progress and Achievements and lay the foundation for Corrective Measures to be taken as they progress to the Next Level. A Feedback Form and explanation of the Outcome also helps Parents monitor the progress of their Children .

Assessment of student learning is at the heart of effective teaching. Understanding student performance, diagnosing what was done well, what has yet to be improved, and providing specific feedback to students has the potential to significantly improve your music program in very real and meaningful ways. Assessment data can become an integral component of improving any music program if it addresses learning outcomes that are clear and focuses on the aspects of student performance that are most important.

Assessment is essential because it leads to improved learning, improved teaching, and provides information that can be useful for accountability purposes such as teacher and student evaluations. It is also intellectually engaging as it provides a window into how our students learn. Students become aware of what they most need to work on to improve. They feed off this information when it comes to them in a clear, timely, and positive manner. Students become proud of their work and strive to accomplish the next task.