KMC creates various opportunities for its students to Showcase their Talents & Creatively Express their progress via its Concerts, conducted annually, for students aged 2 and above.

These avenues help build Individual confidence & discipline, while Ensemble Performance allows students to develop Team Skills. Here ideal situations are created for students to listen to one another, exercise team work, & boost their aural balance & control, adopt suitable styles, master note-reading & develop inner rhythm. All of which contribute towards a high standard of polished performance.

Different themes flavour each Concert, to Challenge Students to explore and perform different genre of Music & display versatility and creativity in their performances, according to the themes chosen.

Each Performer will be given a Certificate of Participation at the end of the Concert

Performers will be playing on music instruments that are on sale at the KMC Showroom, to showcase and give a LIVE Preview of the sound quality and capabilities of the various instruments