The Team at KMC has a Chemistry and Synergy that works like an Unseen, Symphonic Orchestra. Each Teacher & Staff know their role and play it so well, you hardly realize how much of refined professionalism and high standards go into keeping KMC as the preferred and most sought after Music Centre!

When any Music Enthusiast walks into KMC, he or she is considered as our own family member. So, the Team goes all out to ensure KMC nurtures whatever natural talent that exists, help unearth what’s hidden and in many cases create that which is non-existent. That’s the Challenge its Teachers take on, as all kinds of people walk into KMC’s Music Centres. Music making is an art. For some it flows naturally. For others, that masterful touch can ignite an untapped resourcefulness.

At KMC, there are lots of Testimonies and “Cases” of many an ordinary individual who has been transformed into an extraordinary Musician, Entertainer and Performer, some in record time, others according to their stress-free pace, but all in a friendly, relaxed setting and positive, uplifting environment.

Interestingly, some of KMC’s pioneer students, over 20 years ago, have returned to express their gratefulness, by becoming Teachers at its Music Centres.

Most teachers at KMC have a minimum of 5 to 30 years experience, with local and international exposure and training and are skilled in a wide genre of music from classical to contemporary. Their qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Music / Sound and Music Technology/ Performance
  • Bachelor in Performing Arts
  • Degree in Music Composition
  • Masters in Contemporary & Jazz
  • Child Psychology and Learning Disorder Management
  • Years of Experience in Practical Counselling to overcome Negative Mindsets, Mental Blocks, Inferiority Complexes, to free “Trapped Souls” from Internal Fears & Low Self-Esteem & Deep Emotional Scars etc and channel all that “pent up energy into amazing creative expression through music”.