KinderBeat is an outstanding introduction to music for children aged 2-4 years. This Award-Winning Program features activities that children of the 21st century need for Cognitive Development and Accelerated Learning.

The vibrant grooves and contemporary flair of KinderBeat are immediately apparent.  Children instantly connect with the freshness and vitality of the songs.  Our engaging characters – Kinder Bear, Kinder Roo, Joey and Super Cool Mouse – make every lesson a special experience for every child.  They ensure that the fun factor is always embedded. Kinder Beat is also developmentally precise.  It is a truly exciting and unique start to music that sets the global benchmark for early childhood music.



The progressive curriculum fosters effective learning through music play experiences.  Our building block approach ensures that knowledge, skills and musical understanding keep growing and are firmly anchored with each new song.  Extension activities are a feature of every lesson.  These additional layers stretch the boundaries of music learning and promote individual creativity.  Whilst each Kinder Beat level flows into the next, they have also been designed as independent units.  This gives teachers the flexibility to choose the best starting level to suit the age and ability of each student.



Focus activities develop the foundation skills necessary for all musicians.

These include:

  • Rhythm, beat, pulse and metre
  • Body percussion
  • Musical games and improvisation
  • Singing songs, rhymes and solfa/solfege
  • Movement, dance and gesture
  • Percussion playing – tuned and untuned
  • Listening, reflecting and responding
  • Story-telling and mime
  • Coordinating with a range of props
  • Ensemble playing
  • Reading, understanding and interacting with iconic and traditionalnotation



MUSIC FOR LITTLE MOZARTS is a Preparatory Piano Course for ages 4-6. This Award Winning Innovative Piano Introduction Course offers a fun, innovative & enjoyable learning experience for Young Beginners. Music for Little Mozarts Co-Curriculum is specifically designed to teach young beginners using a combination of piano, music & movement. Singing & listening skills are developed simultaneously with an appreciation of a variety of musical styles. Ordinary Children are transformed into Extraordinary Musicians over 4 Levels, where each Level spans approximately 6 months. The whole duration of the Course & the Transformation is approximately 2 years.

Starting them young at this most receptive mindset & enthusiastic spirit, is also perfect timing to learn & master music faster & more effectively. Our Course is perfectly flexible & can be custom made to suit any and every child in this Category & our Teachers are experts at nurturing them at this age.

Instrument for this program:

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