Here’s a Fun-packed Programme for ages 2-6, that goes beyond Music Development. It transforms ordinary children into Bubbly Maestros, who become more vibrant yet self-controlled, able to creatively express themselves & yet be disciplined.  Within weeks and months, they will display a clear growth in brain development & accelerated learning. You’ll see a clear transformation in their focus on appreciating music, as they listen, savour, internalize, vibrate from within and move gracefully to percussions and the musical instrument they are playing.

There’s a choice of Piano, Percussion and Tambourine and sound effects are used during lessons, to assist  these children in maturing artistically, at their own pace and develop the genius potential within.

Sessions are kept at 45 Minutes to One Hour of Fun-Learning, where Teachers & the “Music Enthusiast” connect extremely well. Lots of opportunities are created for preschoolers to discover their hidden talents & shine expressing their musical abilities, with an effective, well planned and proven syllabus. Children’s feedback, comments and thoughts are welcomed, listen to and looked into, where appropriate. Wherever possible & practical, parents are bonded with their children deeply during home practice.

Instrument for this program:

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