MUSIC THERAPY (for special needs)

After almost 30 over years in the industry, KMC has reached that stage to take on this Most Challenging Programme. It’s an avenue for KMC’s warm & caring tutors to channel their Proven Track Record into areas of Special Needs, because Music Therapy can positively impact, touch and transform these ‘Special Upcoming Musicians’ who are differently abled & challenged. Very personalized attention & specialized skills are needed to offer a balanced all round fun, learning approach to Autistic Children & those with ADD – ADHD Symptoms & Down’s Syndrome.

That’s because they may face spectrum disorders that affect their cognitive, social and verbal functions, have experienced positive brain stimulation, improved dexterity, better motor coordination, concentration, alertness and the reduction of muscle tensions, and various other cognitive benefits via music therapy. The systematic liberation of many a Child’s Spirit & Level of Inner Delight & the Sheer Joy of seeing them  express themselves in action, singing, listening and imitating celebrities, in their own inimitable style are priceless rewards, which are visible within a few Sessions.

Instrument for this program – Classical:

Instrument for this program – Rock & Pop:

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