Having over 30 years of experience, KMC has fine tuned an Internationally Recognized, Exam-Friendly Syllabus that’s now popular with this Generation. It’s exclusively with the KMC Signature and specially designed to meet and supersede industry standards in VOCALS, DRUM, GUITAR, BASS & KEYBOARD.

TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON’S  ROCK & POP Exams recognize students’ individual talents & abilities. The quality of the exams and approachable style encourage and motivate students to achieve their personal & professional goals.These Exams are part of a suite of qualifications offered by TRINITY across a range of Musical Styles, Instruments and Disciplines. These includes Grades in Classical Performance, Jazz Performance and Theory.

ROCKSCHOOL LONDON’s music qualifications are tailor made for the CONTEMPORARY Musician. It ranges from Introductory Grades all the way up to University Level Degrees. KMC ensures your hard work is rewarded by a valuable and Recognized Qualification regardless of your age or musical ability now

Instrument for this program:

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