STARDOM MAGIX (Age 17 above)

The Stardom Program is the Platform for those 17 years & above to venture & explore into new genre of music, or master existing ones. Besides developing their musical talents, the Program also opens up avenues for enthusiasts to creatively express their vision & emotions and expose their hidden talents within as well as overcome inner challenges, via teamwork, inter-personal creative expression through music, as individuals and as a band. Their multi-faceted coordination of tempo, dynamics, tuning, harmonies and communication skills, actually synergizes the inner harmony within each person’s soul, expressed externally via performances of their favorite songs or genre! The Program also empowers them to master audio-video related apps, technology, in-house audio production facilities as an artist, and also encourages students to create their own masterpiece & albums.

One-On-One Students will be given Lessons for about 30-45 minutes, while Groups and Band Ensembles will be given ONE Hour for Starters. The Duration will be increased as they progress to Higher Levels. Proper Foundational Classes will be arranged for those who are totally fresh starters and Progressive Modifications will be done to ensure they eventually reach a level where they will perform, real songs, with their very own skills and thereby make real progress, Individually and as a Group.

For those keen on Moving Up The Exam Ladder, from Grade to Grade, KMC is Tied up with Rock School and Trinity College London. Our links include Exam Boards where music qualifications are tailor made for Contemporary Musicians, where Exams are based mainly on performance!

Instrument for this program – Classical:

Instrument for this program – Rock & Pop:



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