John Chai


The idea of venturing into the music business was initially by observing musicians performing on stage and at concert halls.

Blessed with perfect pitch, I tried playing simple tunes on a piano which I had at my home back in 1940’s. I was later given the chance to play the organ in Church at the age of 8. I learnt to read notes and understand music scores with the help of the priest who was a professional organist.

As time passed, I got acquainted with some people from the music industry. This gave me the idea to venture into the music education field. I started this business with the help of my wife, Theresa Loo. We both worked very hard to start the music school.

In March 1982, we started a small school known as PUSAT MUZIK KELANG with a minimal enrollment of about 10 students.

I then decided to conduct Organ Classes, and as the number of students increased, we had to move to a bigger premise along Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang. In 1985, we extended our business to do retail on Upright Pianos and Organs. As the sales grew, we were appointed by Matsushita as Sales and Services (Japan) as the 1st Technics Organ dealer in Malaysia. Technics musical instruments is a Japanese brand name solely under National Panasonic (Malaysia) back in 1980’s till 2002.

As a pioneer in the music education business in Klang, we renamed ourselves to Klang Music Centre Sdn Bhd, which is well known till today. We managed to overcome challenges throughout these years with the help of our Heavenly Father, family, friends and team of dedicated teachers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who have supported and trusted us in grooming their children and now grand children in the music field.

KMC a well-established music centre, which my wife and I hold dearly.